Vibration Test System

RS-Simulation Asia’s vibration testing system is used to evaluate the performance of industrial products against vibrations.

It generates vibrations according to parameters such as arbitrary force, acceleration, and frequency, and can provide a vibration test of various stresses such as sine vibration, random vibration, mechanical shock pulse and replication of real-time trace.

  • Application:

    Laboratory stress testing for quality control

    • highly sensitive and complex components for potential breaking
    • minimise flaws in ride and handling for automobile parts
    • consumer products that need to withstand everyday rigours, safety and to prevent failure
  • Chamber Variant:

    Type Series VT/VK

  • Testing Specifications:

    • Temperature Range: -55 °C, -50 °C, -40 °C ……+100°C, +180 °C, +220 °C
    • Humidity Range: 5% to 99 % relative humidity
    • Heating/Cooling Rate: 2 K/min, 5 K/min……. 30 K/min
    • Optional: soundproofing, deep drying, door window, thermal barriers and lithium ion battery test
    • Customisable according to customer needs

Vibration Test Chamber
Vibration Test Chamber

Our Type Series VT/VK vibration testing system can be modified as needed per the requirements of the client. It consists of a vibration generator, a power amplifier, and a vibration control system.

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  • We provide artificial environment simulations such as temperature, humidity, vibration, thermal shock, battery test and more.
  • Accredited calibration laboratory with MS ISO/IEC17025:2017 (SAMM 975)
  • On-site calibration of climatic test chambers based on methods such as Guideline DKD-R-5-7.
  • Customisable chamber module solutions to meet clients’ specific requirements.
  • 3S (sales, service, spare parts) facility centre is based in Puchong, Malaysia to provide maximum supports and to achieve greater customer satisfaction.

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