Battery Test System

Lithium-ion batteries and cells are widely used in many areas of daily life.

As self-evident as the use of cell phones and notebooks is, the more effort has to be expended on the safest possible testing technology.

The high energy density on the one tail the danger on the other side hazards such as short-circuiting, overloading, deep discharging insufficient cooling, or mechanical defects in the lithium-ion batteries.

  • Applications:

    Lithium-ion batteries of all sizes

  • Chamber Variant:

    Type Series ES

  • Testing Specifications:

    Continued performance despite any explosion, fire, leakage of electrolyte and gases during testing.

Battery Test Chamber

Possible DANGERS from faulty batteries:

  • Short circuit,
  • Overload,
  • Deep discharge,
  • Insufficient cooling or
  • Mechanical defects

Goal is to avoid partially DRASTIC EFFECTS that associated to:

  • Explosion,
  • Fire,
  • Leakage of electrolyte and gases,
  • Triggering the safety devices
Battery Test Chamber
Battery Test Chamber - Interior View

High Safety Procedures

Most lithium-ion batteries have a tendency to thermal runaway.

Type Series ES is a highly developed system that incorporated with the best safety designs for lithium-ion batteries testing.

Our battery test system has a test chamber which is separated from the supply units to ensure continued performance despite any occurrences of explosion, fire, leakage of electrolyte and gases during testing.

In the event of an emergency, the supply units can continue to work with a replacement test chamber. The test chamber and supply units are connected via a heat transfer medium.

Battery Test Chamber - Interior View

Additional Safety Devices

Depending on the entire test setup, the following customisable add-on safety devices are available as well:

  • Multi-channel temperature monitoring
  • Explosion opening for pressure relief
  • Gas monitoring
  • Extraction of the air in the test room
  • Rinsing with gas or water mist
  • Additional dig I/O with function assignment

Besides Type Series ES, these safety devices can also be integrated into climatic test chambers and shock test systems.

All test chambers are manufactured individually to cater the needs of our customer. Getting the right unit, whether air or heat transfer medium, is available in many variants as standard.

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  • We provide artificial environment simulations such as temperature, humidity, vibration, thermal shock, battery test and more.
  • Accredited calibration laboratory with MS ISO/IEC17025:2017 (SAMM 975)
  • On-site calibration of climatic test chambers based on methods such as Guideline DKD-R-5-7.
  • Customisable chamber module solutions to meet clients’ specific requirements.
  • 3S (sales, service, spare parts) facility centre is based in Puchong, Malaysia to provide maximum supports and to achieve greater customer satisfaction.

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