Temperature & Climate Walk-in Test Chamber

Climatic walk-in chambers are used to simulate specific climate and temperature environments required for stability testing, accelerated stress testing, and conditioning of inorganic materials, biomass, pharmaceuticals and food.

  • Applications:

    Quality assurance, research and development in large capacity (oversized) test requirement such as automobile parts, EV battery, storage system, solar panel etc

  • Walk-in Chamber Variants:

    • Model: TK/KK
Temperature / Climate Test Chamer - KKC

Model: KT/KK

Technical Specifications:

  • Temperature Range: -55 °C, -50 °C, -40 °C,……. +100 °C, +180 °C
  • Humidity range: 5 % to 99 % relative humidity
  • Heating rate:1 K/min, 2 K/min, 5 k/min or as per customer request
  • Cooling rate:1 K/min, 2 K/min, 5 k/min or as per customer request

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  • We provide artificial environment simulations such as temperature, humidity, vibration, thermal shock, battery test and more.
  • Accredited calibration laboratory with MS ISO/IEC17025:2017 (SAMM 975)
  • On-site calibration of climatic test chambers based on methods such as Guideline DKD-R-5-7.
  • Customisable chamber module solutions to meet clients’ specific requirements.
  • 3S (sales, service, spare parts) facility centre is based in Puchong, Malaysia to provide maximum supports and to achieve greater customer satisfaction.

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